Prin´ la lá

prin la la

A space odyssey, special, childlike and perverse.

Our protagonists are three girls that started out in Prin’LaLá at the age of six, twelve and fourteen. In love with their three cats , their rabbit, their three horses and their six St Bernard dogs, these girls fill their leisure hours watching films, listening to Simón & Garfunkel, singing in a choir and taking their first steps as composers.

Their love for the series “Bewitched”, for the books by Edward Gorey and the old Walt Disney films (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mary Poppins or Fantasy), makes them enter a gloomy magical dimension, where a surprising world is created in which dreams rule.


Esto es... Prin'LaLá (eureka 2007)

Macarena, Blanquita and Isabel are inspired by Antonio y Carmen, Canterbury and the 60’s California to create psychedelic pop where the innocence of  childhood is clouded by the shadow of a strange dream. Produced with   psychogenic elegance by Fernando Vacas (Flow), the three little geniuses, showing a great sensitivity,go from tributes to home and Panero (the poet)  to the use of children’s classics to shape a universe wickedly naive and just as fascinating.

1. Naves que Dan Vueltas a un Balón
2.Con los Ojos en Paz (versión de Cecilia)
3. En los Pantanos de la Memoria
4. Con Gotas de Limón
5. Trompas

Los Espíritus de Syd y Gospel (eureka 2006)

Second EP published exclusively to celebrate their performance in “Primavera Sound 06” and that reveals some of the keystones to imagine their first LP. On the cover you can see a young Syd Barret who is paid homage to and at the same time  is used to warn us about the contents of this record. An EP filled with  blood-chilling songs such as “Con Gotas de Limón”, a  thrilling love story. These four songs announce what “Esto es Prin La Lá “ will be like.

1. Naves que dan Vueltas a un Balón
2.Con los Ojos en Paz
3. El Desencanto
4.El Tamborilero

Navidades La Lá (eureka, 2003)

The dreams of Fernando Vacas-the producer- are materialized in”Navidades La Lá”, a document that gathers the first recordings of his most ambitious alter ego. The first Prin’ La Lá -Isabel, María and Macarena- had their opportunity to show that they were up to the expectations that their cousin placed on them, and that later on have been confirmed-in their new formation- as one of the great revelations of contemporary national pop. Just as it says in the text of their first EP:  Prin’ La Lá sing about/against/at /for/of/…Christmas



"Naves que dan Vueltas a un Balón"

This video exists thanks to the generosity and  the imagination of Diego Flores, Alicia Manero and Mariano Sarmiento. (Thanks a lot.)

Con Gotas de Limón

Live show at R3 Radio (national spanish radio) concerts.