El sello

howe gelb

Starting out in 2003 the result of the aspirations of its original founder Fernando Vacas and with a little help from his friends.It is not until 2004 when the two label managers, David Simancas and Fernando Vacas, meet and decide to join forces to give shape to a shared dream. In a peaceful process and with a universal vocation, starting out from the many things they have in common, they make an effort to make eureka go from one genre to another, including a whole range of different types of music, some condemned and others thriving, with no fear of the market or its tendencies but counting on them. What eureka has to offer is simply music with capital letters.A meeting of a handful of talents plus a way of doing things that is rooted in their love for working in a studio, in the intricacies of production, literary references and the zeal to search new sounds that reflect their eclectic intentions but always having fun at the same time.