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Eureka Studios was born in Cordoba in 2003, coinciding with the foundation of the label. With a clear vocation to become a high profile sonic laboratory, Fernando Vacas (Flow, Prin La Lá) and Javier Suze (Limousine) began his career running a small studio at his home in Cordoba. Located next to the Corredera square, into the old city borough. The area is surrounded by magic, charm and history. The studio occupies the ground floor of an old house, presided over by a courtyard typical from Cordoba, where the working environment is superb.

The label’s philosophy is to host the best of analog with digital sound. Thus we get the characteristic sound of eureka, warm and impeccable production is recognized in Prin La Lá, Flow, Howe Gelb and a Band of Gypsies or Russian Red. Both engineers and producers working in the studio are actually musicians before “technical staff” allowing them to look after all artistic and creative projects.
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Since the beginning eureka Studios have worked nonstop on new projects. Each one has been different, no challenge has been left unmet and a great deal of imagination and hard work have guided the creation of its eclectic discography: Howe Gelb’s “Alegrías”, Russian Red’s “I Love Your Glasses”, Prin’LaLá’s “Esto es…Prin’LaLá”, Sideral’s “Leire” (Pias Spain, 2008)…

At the same time eureka Studios also does mastering jobs within a range that goes from a colder mastering up to a warmer one. Very near the Costa del Sol and less than 2 hours distance from Madrid, Córdoba is one of most interesting touristic enclaves in Spain and that is where our studios are. Consider yourself invited to come and pay a visit and to find yourself immersed in a world filled with music.
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